Hansen is a small, quiet town that lies southeast of Twin Falls. It is primarily an agricultural community. The town was named in honor of area pioneer and merchant, John Hansen. He was a notable civic leader and his wedding in 1877 may have been the first wedding ceremony in Twin Falls County. Hansen was platted and surveyed in 1905. The current population is 1,105, and is growing moderately quickly. It has grown faster than 84% of similarly sized cities since 2000. This close-knit community has 2 schools, with about 348 students, raging from pre-k to 12th grade.

Living in Hansen, you are surrounded by attractions. Only a quick 10 mile drive and you’re close to all the city life has to offer, but head south and you’ll find yourself driving through beautiful mountain scenery. The South Hills are a mountain range with scenery that ranges from high desert rolling hills to rugged, forested mountains. Visitors come to enjoy camping, hiking, atv or horseback riding, fishing, hunting, and to relax. That isn’t the only attraction nearby though, for those who enjoy the snow, Magic Mountain Resort is only 28 miles south of Hansen. Not a fan of the cold, Nat-Soo-Pa Hot Springs and Resort is a quick 30 minute drive away. Up for exploring a hidden gem? Cauldron Linn, also known as Star Falls, is a spectacular waterfall to visit. The area is still natural and untamed, you won’t find safety features like guardrails or paved paths. Upstream, anglers will find great bass fishing, downstream, kayakers will find Class IV and IV rapids with big drops. The frothy, agitated watershed at the base of the falls, resembles a bubbling cauldron during its peak runoff. It is a must-see if you’re in the area. Another historic spot to explore is the Stricker Ranch. A century-old ranch that was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. This ranch has rich history, but it also happens to be considered one of the most haunted spots in the state. Considered to be one of the first settlements in the Magic Valley, it’s only natural that this place would be swamped with eerie ghost stories. It was once ran by a German immigrant named Herman Stricker and his wife Lucy Walgamott, they ran the stations store and even hosted many Oregon Trail travelers in their home, and often cared for sick travelers as well. The cemetery nearby is a reminder that many did not make it. Visitors often claim to see unexplained movement of stationary objects or seeing spooky apparitions. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, you may not want to visit this ranch by yourself at night. However, a place that lights up every year is the Rock Creek General Store. This light display is the largest in the area and features animated characters, tunnels, model village, and occasionally, Santa Clause. It formally was in a private residence in the South Hills but became so large that it was moved to the store.

Hansen is the peaceful little town, that is surrounded by an abundance of things to do.