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Raised in a military family, Jon Bryan Henry found his home in Idaho’s Magic Valley around 1994. After graduating in 2001, Jon Bryan found his first truly beneficial job working as a handyman for Canyonside Irwin Realty under the mentorship of Lyle Frasier before heading off to college. During his college years, he spent his days while not in class working and learning more about real estate while still employed by their property management company. Upon completion of his associate’s degree from CSI, he transferred to the University of Idaho. Once he received his degree from Idaho in 2008, he returned to the Magic Valley and ultimately established his own property maintenance company. With more than a decade in experience, Jon Bryan Henry decided he wanted to expand his knowledge and experience in real estate and thus acquired his real estate’s license. Now, he’s ready to bring his knowledge of the industry and Elevate Idaho! His passion extends from his desire to be creative and utilizes that in multiple aspects from landscaping and appreciation of architecture to problem-solving and car modification. The desire to own your dream house starts at the beginning with a vision and ends as a goal. Let J.Bryan of Elevate Idaho bring you HOME to the FINISH!!!

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